Recent Papers

Are the Property Tax Burdens of Permanent Homeowners Affected by Growth in Housing Rentals and Second Homes: Evidence Based on Big Data from Florida, manuscipt December 2021

Homestead Exemptions, Heterogeneous Assessment, and Property Tax Progessivity, forthcoming National Tax Journal

Explaning Racial Gaps in Property Assessment and Property Taxation, manuscipt, July 2021

Land Use and Poor Youth Upward Mobility, published in Review of Regional Studies, forthcoming

Single Family Rentals and Neighborhood Racial Integration, published in Journal of Housing Economics, 2021

Not in my neighborhood_ the effects of single-family rentals on home values, published in Journal of Housing Economics, 2021

Property Tax Homestead Exemptions: An Analysis of Take-Up Takes, published in National Tax Journal, 2021

Vehicle Miles Traveled and the Built Environment, published in Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2020

Affordable Housing and the Socioeconomic Integration of Elementary Schools, published in  Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2018

The Deconcentration of Minority Students Attending Bad Schools The Role of Housing Affordabilty within School Attendance Zones Containing Good Schools, published in Journal of Housing Economics, 2019

The Fiscal Impacts of Alternative Land Uses An Empirical Investigation of Cost of Community Services Studies, published Public Finance Review, 2017

School Segregation and the Foreclosure Crisis, published in Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2018

Local Public Services Costs and the Geography of Development, published in Journal of Regional Science, 2016